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Here is an opportunity to do something that will


Impact Your Life, Your Community and

Your Country!


Choose Someone You Like and Help

Flip the House and/or Senate


There are many ways to help and to volunteer,

including sending emails, texting, phone calling, donating money, blogging, hosting a house party, walking door to door, getting involved in fundraising events.

Here are ways you can help:

Even if your chosen candidate is not local, you can hose a house party for them. Get friends and neighbors together and raise money or awareness for your adopted candidate. Contact your candidate's office for more information on volunteer opportunities or feel free to contact us if you want more ideas on how to help your candidate.

All the candidates need funds, so if you are strapped for time and feel that you prefer to donate money, just go to your candidate's website and they will have a link for donations. Links to the candidate's websites are on our Candidates pages. ActBlue also has a good website for donating to democratic candidates. For more information on them go to


Just click on the link to your favorite candidate that you want to adopt, and sign up to volunteer for them. If you do not hear back shortly, contact us and we will help you find ways to get started volunteering!